(Careers) Machine Learning for Biosynthetic Materials

Nov. 7, 2022

We are currently trailing candidates, asking them to produce a Jupiter notebook report based on a dataset of around 100 samples, 12 dimensions.

Your report should include:
- Data description: Summary, Plots etc.
- GP modelling, or any BO friendly modeling
- Bayesian Optimisation of initial recommendations.
- Hourly breakdown of your work done

The report will be the first piece in a possible longer and bigger project.

The task is estimated at 5 to 10 hours and will be paid. Successful candidates will be assigned to the project.

Are you interested to trial with us and produce a report?

Email us at causalminds@gmail.com

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We will happily guide you through the emerging space of data-driven material discovery. We look forward to learn from your experience and problem space.


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