(Funding) IUK grant supports development of cutting-edge ML models at Matterhorn Studio

June 12, 2023

Matterhorn Studio Team
In May, we received a grant from IUK, as part of the Transformative Technologies series, to refine our machine learning models for biosynthetic materials.

The grant helps us expand our team to 6 machine learning scientists (from UCL, Surrey, Kent, Imperial) that are working closely with materials scientists in the UK, Germany and Switzerland to implement machine learning in their experimentation schedules.

On 5th June, we held a kick-off workshop in Oxford, discussing latest papers and brainstorming and prioritizing next steps for their product. We also had some good food and too much cake.

We are super excited to present our contributions at the 2023 Accelerate Conference in Toronto (http://accelerate23.ca), part of the Acceleration Consortium, which recently secured a historic $200M award for AI for science from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.

If you are interested in how you can use machine learning for in your laboratory, we are happy to help you make your first step. Just get in touch via jakob@matterhorn.studio and Jakob will help you out!

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