Your first self-driving laboratory for under $50

Aug. 28, 2023

Self-driving labs are taking over the world, so how can you build your own at home?

I had the chance to present our work on at the conference. While the conference itself was hugely inspiring, it was specifically this session on "Low-cost self-driving labs for education and research" that most closely tracks the development of this research area.

With SDL4Kids, we are lowering the barrier to entry for SDLs, especially in regards to Machine Learning and Bayesian Optimisation. Check out this video:

It was very inspiring to see so many different attempts at the 'low-cost' SDL problem:

  • Sterling Baird | Why Low-cost SDLs? The Frugal Twin Concept
  • Kevin Angers | Digital Pipette
  • Marta Skreta | CLAIRify
  • Jakob Zeitler | SDL4Kids
  • Sterling Huang | Hiwonder robot arm
  • Joshua Schrier | Introducing Lab Automation to General Chemistry Students
  • Maria Politi & Brenden Pelkie | Jubilee, a Community-driven Multitool Motion Platform
Sdl4kids accelerate23 session

I am very excited to see how this space develops. I am sure we will see many more concepts, and then also see which concepts have long-term value. After all, we are trying to bring these ideas and skills to the wider audience, and we need robust solutions to enable people their very first step.

Thanks to Sterling and Maria for organising this session.

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